Lean production in STEKLONiT JSC

IMG 2739There is universal recognition of Lean production as the most effective and reliable way to increase the efficiency of enterprises, aimed at improving production and management processes, increasing labor productivity, improving quality of products and services, reducing all types of losses.

STEKLONiT JSC was not immune to the imperatives of the present time. Within the framework of "Increasing labor efficiency and employment support" program, experts of Rosatom state corporation chose STEKLONiT JSC to participate in the pilot project with the aim of introducing new techinques and methods of lean manufacturing.

Later in December 2017, the second step of the program took place. Executives of STEKLONiT JSC jointly with representatives of the Russian largest industrial enterprises received training in principles of Rosatom Production System (RPS) at the premises of Kovrov Mechanical Plant, where they could evaluate successful application of RPS means and pick up necessary knowledge in this field.

The production system of Rosatom is a culture of lean production, a certain arrangement of manufacturing process aimed at optimizing all working cycles, improving quality of products and focusing on customers’ needs, both end users and internal consumers (i.e. intra-plant links between structural subdivisions). Consequently, such arrangement leads to reduction of accompanying costs.

Taking part in this program, STEKLONiT JSC sets an objective to develop its production, reduce in-process losses, minimize costs and improve quality of its products. For that to happen, a project office was established at the enterprise to implement principles of lean production, techniques of process optimization, and develop human resources. Implementation of the lean manufacturing program involves staff training, development of a regulatory and methodological framework, implementation of pilot process-improving projects and introduction of lean manufacturing techniques. Process flows are already being improved through implementation of the RPS at STEKLONiT JSC, and the first economic performances are expected by the summer of 2018.

In order to share the experience of implementing lean production principles, representatives of large petrochemical-industry enterprises visited STEKLONiT JSC this March. The meeting took place at the production site in Ufa. After inspecting the production facilities, representatives of JSC “Synthez-Kauchuk”, LLC “Khimremont“, LLC “Management Company” TAU Neftekhim” and JSC “Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant” shared best practices of lean manufacturing at their enterprises and worked out the mechanisms of interaction between the enterprises of the region.