Fiberglass articles for vehicles

STEKLONiT strives for active development and implementation of up-to-date composite materials as well as glassfiber-based products into vehicle and machine engineering.

STEKLONiT’s products feature lightweight, increased strength, environmental friendliness, resistance to combustion, temperature differentials, high melting threshold value.

Finished composite articles and tooling for pilot and batch production based on glass-fiber filling materials for transport- and farm machine building are produced at our manufacturing site in Tver.

Manufacture of composite goods is possible with the following methods:

  • Vacuum infusion
  • RTM, Light-RTM
  • contact pressure molding
  • compacting
  • spray coating
  • winding
  • RFI

Large-sized process tooling aimed at manufacturing polymer composite articles is produced at a high-tech five-axis CNC machining center, with the size of a workpiece to be processed being up to 8,000х2,700х800 mm and manufacturing precision of finished articles being ±0.02 mm.