• GRINCODE multiaxial rockshield is a composite manufactured using up-to-date high-strength glass-fiber and synthetic nonwoven material and impregnated with environmental friendly thermoplastic resins.

  • Physical and mechanical properties


    Properties Unit Value
    Overall dimensions    
    - width mm 1260 (+60/-10)
    - length mm 930-4700
    - thickness mm 3±1
    Surface weight kg/m2 1500±500
    Impact resistance, not less than J 35³
    Longitudinal tensile strength (a 50х220 mm ribbon) at + 23°С kgf ≥450
    Transverse tensile strength (a 50х220 mm ribbon) at + 23°С kgf ≥410
    Stability in aggressive media % ≥90
    Resistance to abrasion   ≥90
    Flexibility   undamaged
    Transition resistance Ohm*m² ≤150
    Frost resistance % 10
    Elongation at break, not more than % 10
    Water absorption, not less than % 7




    Manufacture of the material with other physical and mechanical properties is accepted upon agreeing about with a consumer.

  • Typical application:

    • Protection of corrosion-resistant coating (insulation) on gas- and oil pipelines from physical damage when being laid in rocky and permafrost soil.
    • Effective protection of pre-insulated surface of large-bore pipelines used in oil&gas producing industry.

    Rockshield is needed for laying pipelines in rocky soil and permafrost. Rockshield is also used in complex inorganic soils with rocks, pebbles inclusions etc.

  • Advantages:

    • Multiaxial fabrics ensure rigidity and tensile-, breaking-, flexing strength, puncture resistance of a structure.
    • Nonwowen ensures damping of impact loads which occur when back filling of a pipeline with coarse fractions of frozen and rocky soils and when laying a pipeline amidst cry olithic soils.