STEKLONiT JSC today is a STEKLONiT plant equipped with high-tech equipment. Thanks to a combination of half a century of manufacturing experience and the latest technology, the company produces high-quality products.

We produce geosynthetic products, innovative functional and structural materials for road construction, the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, the oil and gas transportation industry, construction of buildings and structures, railway construction, metallurgy and metalworking, engineering, the motor transport complex and many other industries.

From 2009 to 2012, high-speed LIBA lines were installed at the company's factories, which made it possible to double production volumes, installations and machine tools KarlMayer, Dornier, Ontec and others, packaging, loading and unloading sites were automated.

From 2012 to 2014, the specialists of the STEKLONiT factory developed more than 200 documents and production standards and product quality - TU and GOST.

In 2015, the plant was included in the "List of organizations and enterprises that have a significant impact on the development of industries and trade."

The structure of STEKLONiT JSC includes an engineering center for the development and modeling of structures made of composite materials and solutions based on them - Composite Solyushen.

Composite Solyushen LLC was founded in April 2012. The company's activities are at the intersection of research and IT-direction. Composite Solyushen is a resident of the Skolokovo innovation park as part of the Energy Efficiency cluster.

In the pool of scientific research and testing of Composite Solyushenko specialists, technologies and constructive solutions for MDP-MOBISTEK-80 and MDP-MOBISTEK-ECO slabs, all-composite bridges and spans of pedestrian overpasses, solutions for wind-generating stations based on composite materials, biocomposite materials, re-insulation and insulation materials and much more.

Composite Solyushen is largely a pioneer in the market of composite materials and their implementation in Russia, and the results of its research determine the vector of development of the entire company.

The company STEKLONiT introduced an international management system ISO 9001.

Products for the road and construction industry are certified in the EU market.