Finished composite products
Finished composite products
Finished composite products
Finished composite products
Finished composite products
  • Manufacture of finished composite products and furniture for pilot and batch production of fiberglass-filled articles for transport and farm machine building.

    Manufacture of large-sized process dies and workpieces for manufacture of articles out of polymer composite materials (7000*2500*800 mm) using a 5-axes CNC machine.


    Manufacturing capabilities: production of composite articles by the following methods:

    • contact molding
    • compression molding
    • RFI
    • vacuum infusion 
    • spraying
    • RTM, Light-RTM 
    • winding


     Advantages of glass-fiber reinforced plastics in production of structural parts:

    • Low weight. Specific weight of glass-fiber reinforced plastics is averagely 5-6 times less than that of all ferrous metals and majority of nonferrous metals; it is 1.5 times less than that of aluminum. Saving in weight of a vehicle leads to reduced consumption of fuel and augmented useful load.
    • Environmental friendliness. Reduced consumption of fuel and, as a result, reduced harmful emissions (CO2) into the environment.
    • Dielectric properties. Glass-fiber reinforced plastics exhibit excellent electro-insulating properties with respect to alternate and direct currents.
    • High resistance to corrosion. Glass-fiber reinforced plastics exhibit high resistance to all basic types of corrosion: to gases and liquids (as well as to chemically aggressive media), to galvanic- and biocorrosion.
    • Aesthetic appearance. When manufacturing a finished product, glazed or matt surface of any color is easily achievable.
    • Good mechanical behaviour. Glass-fiber reinforced plastics exhibit good physical and mechanical behavior at low specific weight.
    • Thermal insulating properties. Glass-fiber reinforced plastics refer to low-conductivity materials.


    Use of composite articles:

    structural parts for various transport building industries as interior and exterior elements or dies and workpieces for manufacture thereof.