Building and construction

STEKLONiT offers innovative products - glassfiber meshes BENSTEN for reinforcement of plaster - and putty coatings and masonry basalt grids BENSTEN K for reinforcement of building footings, waterproof finish in premises.

The glassfiber meshes BENSTEN is manufactured using a new technology that makes possible to use the same type of thread in warp and weft, which ensures its uniform strength lengthwise and crosswise. Additional strapping of mesh junctions gives them high stability in comparison with traditional meshes.

Basalt masonry grids BENSTEN K is an innovative replacement of metal masonry meshes and help simplify, reduce the cost of the solution and make a finished structure more efficient in heat loss and corrosion resistance.

Meshes were certified by the Russian Federation and the CE and are supplied to Russia, CIS countries and Europe.